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Coldfoot Camp [Summer]

Guide - Summer 2022



The guide has primary responsibility for hosting recreational traveler guests from around the world who have traveled to Alaska [and, Coldfoot Camp] during summer “midnight sun” season to experience the Brooks Mountain Range and Gates of the Arctic National Park bathed in 24-hours of sunlight [and, enjoy other exciting summer excursions/activities] - and, during fall “aurora” season to seek the aurora borealis at one of earth’s best aurora-viewing locations.

Specific excursions/activities offered to Coldfoot Camp guests during summer “aurora” season include -

  • Arctic Mountain Safari - 6-hour ground tour by van north of Coldfoot deep into the Brooks Mountain Range - paralleling the Gates of the Arctic National Park - and, reaching the Arctic Divide and beyond.
  • Arctic Circle Air Adventure - 2-hour exploration of Coldfoot and Wiseman by van/foot for guests arriving/departing Coldfoot by air.
  • Arctic Circle Switch - 2-hour ground tour from Coldfoot to the Arctic Circle [or, vice versa] for guests arriving/departing Coldfoot by ground.
  • Koyukuk River Float - 2-hour guided raft adventure on the Koyukuk River.
  • Packraft Adventure - 4-hour guided packraft/hiking exploration of the arctic wilderness adjacent to the Gates of the Arctic National Park.
  • Fat Tire Bike Adventure - 2-hour guided bike ride on local trails.

During fall “aurora” season Coldfoot Camp guests also have the opportunity to witness the aurora borealis by joining the following excursion -

  • Arctic Village Aurora - 4-hour excursion to the nearby village of Wiseman for a very late-night cabin-based aurora-watching experience.

Specific guide responsibilities include -

  • Prepare vehicle, equipment, and supplies for excursion/activity to be shared with guests.
  • Greet guests to communicate “adventure plan” prior to start of excursion/activity.
  • Share high-quality, relevant “stories” with guests while “on-stage”, infusing the experience with maximum meaningfulness.
  • Provide the physical, mental, emotional leadership required to ensure the excursion/activity is conducted safely - yet, also infused with maximum joyfulness.
  • De-mob/clean/organize vehicle, equipment, and supplies upon excursion/activity completion.


The Coldfoot Camp guide position is a perfect fit for an individual who -

  • Genuinely cares about and enjoys interacting with people.
  • Possesses the passion for the arctic wilderness of the Brooks Mountain Range necessary to fuel the motivation required to learn the culture/science of the region and enthusiastically share it with guests in the form of well-constructed “stories”.
  • Possesses the discipline required to complete the training required to operate vans on the Dalton Highway in a manner that is safe and accident-free.
  • Likes to work hard [not just in concept, but in reality!!!]
  • Thrives on work requiring serious flexibility and multi-tasking.
  • Views favorably the idea of having a physical work component to their workday.
  • Embraces the concept of “mise en place” - being well-organized and keeping “everything in its place”.
  • Is willing to learn one or more roles in Camp in addition to guiding [cleaner, host, cook, maintenance] - and, enthusiastically embraces the alternate roles when required.
  • Is excited about the opportunity to spend a summer “midnight sun” season and a fall “aurora” season north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska’s Brooks Mountain Range - and, having the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with coworkers and guest alike.


Varies significantly on any given day dependent on the excursions/activities guided.

5 days per week


$11.00 / hour PLUS gratuities PLUS $2,000.00 season completion bonus PLUS room & meals [at no cost to coworker]

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