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Food Service Workers & Cooks

Central Montana Medical Center
Full Time
Lewistown, MT 59457
Posted Today
Job description

Under indirect supervision prepares/portions foods for service, assists with service of foods on tray line, follows
directions given by cook, diet clerk, and resource monitor (R1 or R2), completes dishwashing/pot and pan
washing duties, maintains supplies and cleanliness of kitchen, stores food promptly and correctly, and assists
with other duties (sanitation/safety/organization) in kitchen as needed.

Continued employment and raises in this position are dependent upon Central Montana Medical
Center's fiscal viability and: •

Actions and communications that contribute to a team concept and create a
positive environment for all customers •

Acceptable performance of essential and all job duties •

Acceptable attendance record •

Accountability for safety to self, patients, visitors and all customers, and care of
equipment and building •
Adherence to departmental and facility policies and procedures, education
requirements, compliance monitoring and reporting, and CMMC Code of
Conduct •
Accountability for the consequences of own actions •

Physical and emotional ability to perform essential functions •

Acceptable background investigation results if required for position

Minimum Education, Experience, Licensure, Certification required:

On the job training supervised by manager, of sufficient length of time to allow for independent functioning.
Ability to read, write and to follow written/oral instructions.
Experience in cooking and special diet requirements preferred
Experience in baking and preparing quality food preferred


(Must be able to perform with or without accommodation)

1 Maintain cleanliness and supplies in kitchen.

2 Verify and record diet changes.

3 Prepare and deliver foods/beverages, special diet foods/tube feedings/snack carts, as needed.

4 Assemble/deliver trays/carts for tray line.
Assist in tray line.

5 Receive/record phone messages on patient/resident, nursing, and physician request/preferences.

6 Prepare/assemble/deliver food/beverage items for nursing home activities, cooking classes, parties, etc.

7 Disassemble and clean/sanitize carts. Operate dish machine, wash dishes, and maintain
cleanliness/sanitation in dish room. Pull dishes through dish machine and unload racks/place
dishes/trays in appropriate storage places. Wash pots and pans and maintain correct
cleanliness/sanitation procedures in pots and pans area.

8 Maintain high quality of food by preparing, serving, and storing correctly.
Food service to include proper dishing of various foods, correct portion control, and proper handling of

9 Assist in placement of food in steam tables. Take temperatures of foods/beverages to assure proper
service temperatures.

10 Assist with preparation and clean up for meals. Deliver laundry/soiled aprons, etc. to appropriate place.

11 Unlock doors and turn lights on as needed.
Lock doors and turn lights off as needed.

12 Serve/wait on customers in a friendly welcoming manner.

13 Keep areas in cafeteria and kitchen clean and stocked. Puts stock away in storeroom, kitchen, walk in
coolers/freezer as needed.

14 Provide clean up after meal times, including bussing of tables in nursing home dining rooms.

15 Do non-food preparation for meals, including stocking of condiments, wrapping of silverware and other
duties related.

16 Completes other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

  • Ability to prepare food/beverage items using standardized recipe.
  • Ability to read, write, perform basic mathematical computations, follow written and verbal directions.
  • Willingness to attend in-service programs and ask questions to maintain and improve knowledge level.
  • Ability to perform assigned/routine duties independently and accurately with minimal/reasonable supervision or
  • Ability to adapt to fluctuations in work load.
  • Judgement to seek guidance and direction when needed for performance of duties; and ability to recognize,
establish and respond to priorities.
  • Communication skills to effectively relate to/with co-workers, visitors, and the general public, our customers.
  • Ability to work under stressful conditions.
  • Willingness to assume additional duties when requested, and to offer assistance to others when indicated.
  • Adheres at all times to technical and ethical standards of his/her job description and the overall philosophy of
  • Ability to work at least four positions and works these positions on a regular basis – as the schedule

OCCUPATIONAL EPOSURE for this position:

Category I Direct contact with blood or other bodily fluid to which universal
precautions apply

Category II Activity performed without blood/bodily fluids exposure, but
exposure may occur in emergency

Category III Task/activity does not ordinarily entail predictable exposure to
blood/bodily fluids

OTHER EPOSURE for this position:


Noise Operation of equipment in kitchen.

Other (Specify) Wet/soiled floors occasionally.


(Essential functions strength rating for position - see Job Analysis)

Sedentary Exert up to 10# occasionally or negligible force frequently

Light Exert up to 20# occasionally, < 10# frequently or negligible force

Medium Exert up to 50# occasionally, up to 25# or up to 10# constantly

Heavy Exert up to 100# occasionally, up to 50# frequently or up to 20#

Very Heavy Exert > 100# occasionally, > 50# frequently or
> 20# constantly

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